Made on demand


925 Rhodium Silver

Made in Portugal


Our jewelry are made on demand to avoid overproduction.

Delivery may take 1 to 8 weeks


Go out with it, dance with it, flirt with it and grow old with it.


  • ENKAOUA, chooses to rhodium plated these jewels to prevent the natural oxidation of silver while giving it a whiter color, more reminiscent of that of white gold. This rhodium bath also helps prevent allergies to the metal.

    It is therefore a guarantee of quality that not only protects the jewelry but also the customer.

  • Anthem is the second collection of the ENKAOUA label, inspired by the rise of the techno movement in France in the 90s. It is this utopian and borderless mentality as well as its creative fusion between music and those who listen to it that is the origin of Anthem.


    With this collection, it is a new social phenomenon that Deborah Enkaoua explores and translates into jewelry. The use of certain symbols, the dark alliance, the mantra "Obey the night" and the mixtures, in particular, of colors and of different designs on the same piece are aesthetic cha