Founded in 2018, ENKAOUA is an unisex jewelry design label with a raw, strong, geometric, massive  and luminous aesthetic. ENKAOUA's creations are designed in France and manufactured in Portugal. ENKAOUA AFFIRMS ITSELF IN A RADICAL UNIVERSE IN  CLASH WITH TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY, with a fundamentally new approach. Each collection will be inspired by different social phenomena, one of the main creative criteria for ENKAOUA.

This kind of inspiration is a marker of the creative commitment of the label, in phase with today's society and brings a new value to the jewel, becoming a means of communication.


Born in 1994 in Paris, Deborah Enkaoua has been passionate about jewelry since her childhood. After four years of training in craftsmanship at the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie de Paris, she moved to London where  she joined the prestigious Central Saint Martins. After two years of Master Design, she obtains her diploma and returns to live in Paris to found her label, ENKAOUA.   At the beginning of 2019, she joins the IFM Entrepreneurs program at the Institut Français de la Mode which accompanies her in the creation of ENKAOUA.


Each jewel plays on three aesthetic aspects: volume, geometry and light. The raw aspect that a jewel can have, and the way it will age over time that is highlighted in te creation. By mixing "masculine" and "feminine" aesthetics, we obtain a jewel capable of expressing the attitude of the person who wears it.


The manufacture of the jewels and the savoir-faire of the workshops meet a high requirement. The attention to detail brought to the conceptualization of each piece of jewelry is highly important. The manufacturing is carried out by an artisan workshop in Portugal. The jewels are also designed to age and evolve over time, the design of each piece is thought out so that even after several years, the raw aspect of the jewel remains present.